About Me

Well hey everyone, since you're here i'm assuming you are interested in wanting to get to know me a little bit better and for that I say thank you. A paragraph isn't enough time to sum up anyone but i'll try my best to give an accurate synopsis.
I grew up in Vermont as a nerdy tomboy who was as interested in catching frogs as knowing what genus they were. As adventurous as I was, my pallet was not as up to speed. As much as my parents insisted, I could not be budged to try new foods. Their words had been heeded, though. Once I flew the Vermont coop and found myself living in Florida, I spread my wings even more. Florida is where I found my love for food. Good food at that.
My taste buds were on the right track, but my adventurous spirit had taken a hiatus. At the age of 13, I lost my inspiration. A tragic accident had taken the life of my older sister, Gwen, and my light. I spent a large portion of my life on a new path filled with fear and depression where there was once determination and jubilance. I struggled more than I realized. I lost my identity and tried to find myself through parties. It wasn't until I found myself in a hospital in Colorado that I realized the extent of my depression. I had two emergency surgeries and baffled doctors. There was a time in the ICU when my parents thought they may lose another daughter. The staff didn't know what had caused my internal problems, but I knew. I knew that all the negativity I had been holding had taken it's final toll. I had a long year of recovery and reflection. I vowed to change. I had existed before, but I did not live. Since then I have been busy experiencing a life that wasn't promised to me. I live like I have a bucket list because I've experienced just how precious this life is. I revisited my love for adventure and the outdoors and it has only blossomed. I always loved to travel, but I believed there was always time for it later. Today I can combine my biggest passions and share them with people. It is a gift and I hope you feel the same. Thank you, friends, for taking the time to read this. I hope this inspires you to live a little deeper and try new things, especially if the thing is a tasty, foreign morsel. May your travels be light and your bellies full. Life is short... so enjoy your eats and your feats!

Currently an ambassador for Turtle Fur, Tubbs Snowshoes, and Vermont Peanut Butter